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pizza + wine + bathrobe.  last two since 3 pm.


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I am happy, not because I’m at peace but because I’m restless.  This is equilibrium, and I strive only for this.


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The nation’s capital does not so much as begin to attempt to impress its visitors with its airports.  Among pillars of puke yellow metal scraps are rows of lifeless chairs, where fat people sit and think about where else they could be.

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in my mind i’m breeding butterflies, broken dreams and alibis!  

TVOTR                TonightInPittsburgh!                   

i had a nightmare about missing the show because of religious obligations.  it’s as if i don’t know me at all in my dreams.

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Sunday, 05/10, 11:55 AM, 61c coffee shop

One woman, 3 croissants, 1 chocolate chip cookie, 1 iced tea, 1 Chinese-English dictionary.  Wonder if she’s going to eat all of that.

Tens of Race for the Cure participants, post-race.  I ran that last year.  Forgot this year.  

It’s very chaotic here, quite a contrast to the mindset in which I woke up this morning.  Watched ‘7 Years in Tibet’ again last night.  Barring Brad Pitt’s laughable accent, it’s a fantastic movie.  I’ve been planning a trip to Dharmasala for a while…maybe next summer.  

I’ve caught glimpses of tribal life in southern India.  It’s terrifying and peaceful at once.


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On the bus today there was a dude wearing a burgundy leather jacket, an ill-fitting baseball cap and 70s glasses, carrying a copy of the 1996 Guinness Book of World Records in one hand and gripping one of those overhead straps with the other.  He looked very serious.  I should’ve asked him where he was going.

Being the narcissist that I am, I used the occasion as yet another opportunity to evaluate myself.  I thought about how uninteresting I looked compared to this guy.  Everything about me was ordinary, mostly all black.  Perhaps the one oddity was that I was carrying a plastic bag filled with little tubs of hummus.  Thank god for hummus.

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The recognition of having been unaware has been more alienating than blindness was.